Studio Policies & Regulations

We ask that you arrive on time to prevent class disruptions. Proper warm-up occurs at the beginning of each class and is extremely important in the prevention of injuries.

Please be on time to pick up your child and encourage them to wait inside our building until your arrival.

Dance training must occur regularly to improve skills. Irregular attendance may effect a child’s ability to advance through our curriculum of increasingly more complex levels of dance. Unfortunately, make up classes are not offered.

Lost and Found
There is a studio lost and found, however, we recommend that all valuables be left at home as the studio cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal effects. We ask that parents check their child’s belongings before leaving each class and encourage you to mark all clothing and shoes with the students’ name. Unclaimed items are removed and donated to charity at the end of each term (December, April and June).

Assignment of Class Levels, Exams, Pointe Work
The Artistic Director, in collaboration with teachers, makes all decisions regarding the assignment of class levels; participation in exams; and the appropriate time to begin pointe work. Occasionally a student may be moved to a different class when the student’s training would be improved by that change. Regular attendance, concentration, ability to assimilate instruction, and level of interest all contribute to steady growth.

Registration Fee

$25 registration fee per student is non-refundable.