Preschool Dance Classes

It seems like just yesterday that your baby took their first steps, could they possibly be ready for a pre-school dance class?


In addition to busting their own moves at home in spontaneous bursts of toddler dancing, our little movers and shakers are capable of fairly complex steps.

Dance classes will help your child develop healthy muscles and enhance your small fry’s flexibility. Plus, they’re great for getting your growing guy/gal accustomed to group situations. What’s more, dance classes tap into children’s innate love of all things music and movement!

Dance also provides a wonderful means of self-expression. Young children are drawn to music, and from an early age, they will begin dancing when they hear it. While the physical benefits of dance are well known, dance also brings social and emotional benefits. Children learn social skills and build self-esteem along the way from being involved in dance experiences.

We are excited to see your child join in on the fun!!  Our preschool class is taught by qualified, experienced, energetic and fun instructors.If you have any questions,  I am more than happy to assist you,  please don’t hesitate to ask.

Sincerely Yours,

Gillian Howatt

Director Counterpoint Dance